Your Five-Step Guide to Eliminating Unhealthy Habits Once and For All

It is that time of year for a fresh start — leave your unhealthy habits behind as we enter the new year. Follow this step-by-step guide to ditching unhealthy habits to seamlessly leave those habits behind and create a better future for yourself. The best way to create change is to start now. Start with step one today and you may surprise yourself when you look back a year from now!

1. Identify the Habits You Want to Change – You cannot change a habit without knowing what habit to change. Consider what changes you would like to see in your life. What would improve your life? How would you like to see your life different in the next year? Start by picking a habit or a few habits that you would like to change and write these down to remember and notate them.

2.  Decide Why You Want to Change the Habit – Once you know what habit you want to change, figure out your why. How is this unhealthy habit impacting your life? For example, if you have a sweet tooth, you may be struggling to reach your health and fitness goals due to your nightly habit of indulging in sweet treats after dinner. Your “why” may be that you want to prioritize your health or set a good example for your kids. You will use this “why” to remind you why you started and keep you going when things get tough. Write this down as well and you will be able to look back at it throughout your journey.

3. Create a Plan – There are many ways to tackle an unhealthy habit — it is not how you approach the habit you want to change, but creating a plan to do so. One effective plan you can utilize is taking a particular action every time you have the urge to indulge in the habit you are trying to change. In our above example, eating sweets following dinner was the unhealthy habit. An action you could take is going for a walk after dinner instead. Other possible strategies include replacing the unhealthy habit with a healthier one, visualizing your life without the old habit, or removing triggers that may tempt you.

If you want to get more active in the new year and eliminate unhealthy, sedentary habits, get daily workouts to help provide guidance and daily accountability in changing your habits — Garage Grind Training offers daily workouts so that you can eliminate those unhealthy habits effortlessly.

4. Stay Positive – Creating lasting change takes time, it is important to stay positive throughout the process. Remind yourself that being on the journey to change is an important step towards total transformation. Be patient with the journey and stick with it even if it takes longer than anticipated. If you are feeling down, remind yourself that where you are now is good! Even recognizing that you want to change an unhealthy habit is further progress than ignoring it.

5. Reevaluate – If your original plan is not working or you are struggling to eliminate the habit, consider breaking the plan down into smaller steps. Maybe you cannot eliminate sweets after dinner every night, but you can reduce your consumption to three times per week. Start here and progress with time. Even if you fail at your plan, keep going! The most important part is not perfectly executing your plan, but being able to pick yourself back up every time you fail.

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