Three Ideas For Active Recovery

Does active recovery sound like an oxymoron to you? How can someone being recovering while being active? A lot of people in the fitness industry believe that the two terms are mutually exclusive and do not belong together. We at Garage Grind strongly recommend active recovery! We find active recovery to be some of the most enjoyable times of the week.

What is active recovery?

Active recovery involves performing some sort of activity at a less intense pace in order to stimulate and bring blood flow to the muscles during the recovery process.

Three Ideas For Active Recovery:

1. Swimming

Who said the pool is just for kids? Swimming is very low on stress due to weightlessness in the pool, but is a great way to increase your cardiovascular system.



2. Biking

Biking or cycling is a great aerobic exercise for rest days. You can take in the sites of your community or go for a ride with the family and friends, or hit a bike trail near you. The intensity and distance of your ride should be based on your current fitness levels.


3. Walking/Hiking

Take a day and enjoy nature if you like the outdoors. Whether it be a nature trail, a state park, your city park, or your neighborhood walks can be good for your well being and gives you time to clear your head all while burning a few calories.




These are just our top three. Any activity or hobby that gets you up and moving on a lower scale than the workouts you are doing during the week is great for active recovery. Rest days are meant to be fun!







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