The Small Business Owner’s Guide to Implementing a Corporate Wellness Program

As a small business owner, you have a strong connection with your team — you likely interact with each individual daily and want to do what you can to help your team thrive. A wellness program is one of the most valuable ways you can support your team. While a wellness program may seem out of reach for a small business, with the right approach, you can support your growing team in their health and fitness. Use this guide to get started!

1. Start Small and Grow
Implementing a wellness program at your small business does not need to be costly or extensive, start with what you can and grow from there. For example, here at Garage Grind Training, we work with small businesses to implement affordable and scalable wellness programs. A great place for businesses to start is providing their team with daily workouts that can be done anywhere. Then, consider implementing a nutrition program as well. Start with what you can do and expand further when the time is right. With this approach, small businesses of any size can start helping their employees feel happier and healthier right away.

2. Focus On Motivation
A great wellness program goes beyond the services and resources alone. Support your team’s health and wellness by encouraging participation throughout the entire office. Send out email reminders about the daily workouts, talk about the workouts throughout the week, or even set up a time where those who are interested can do the workouts together. You can also set goals or host friendly competitions to get your entire team on board with your new wellness program. Motivation does not cost anything, but can greatly improve employee participation and boost morale throughout your office.

3. Accommodate the Needs of Your Team
One of the greatest challenges of a wellness program is meeting the unique needs of each individual in your office. Implement a wellness program that offers flexibility to accommodate varied needs. For example, if you have some employees that travel often and others who work in the office most of the time, their wellness needs may be different. Garage Grind Training workouts can be done in a gym, at home, in a hotel room, or outside in a park. This is an example of the kind of flexibility that would allow your wellness program to meet the needs of a diverse workplace.

4. Increase Accessibility
A great wellness program does not need to be the most costly or extensive, accessibility is key. Figure out how you can make wellness accessible and easy. Many individuals struggle with healthy eating or workouts, simply because of the time commitment or lack of direction. These are inexpensive, yet valuable solutions you can provide to your team to help them get started on the path of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

5. Get Involved
There is no monetary cost for you to get involved in the wellness solutions you provide your team! Pick one mental health aspect, one physical health aspect, and one nutritional component to focus on and jump in with your team as you all make the most of your new corporate wellness program. Not only will you and your team reap the benefits of a healthy lifestyle, but you will grow together as a team, contributing to a great, positive workplace environment.


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