The Secret to a Healthy Lifestyle: It’s More Simple Than You Think!

The secret to a healthy lifestyle — that one thing that you need to know in order to continue on the path of healthy eating and fitness for the rest of your life. What could it be? There are many fad fitness “secrets” that promise results, but the only true secret is consistency. In fact, even doing a small amount of working out or eating one healthy meal per day is better than fluctuation. The reasoning is simple: you are building habits and a foundation to add in more and grow your routine.

Pushing yourself in a two hour workout does not make up for days missed before. On the other hand, you could commit to just a small amount of time per day and gradually add in more. In fact, once you start with just a few minutes of working out for the day, you will likely want to do more after that. Give it a try!

Tackle these challenges of living a healthy lifestyle with consistency:

  • You fall off track easily – When you bring about any major change in your life, like living a healthy lifestyle, it is easy to fall off track. Implementing consistency above all else will help keep you on track. Your focus is not on eating the healthiest meals or doing the toughest workouts, but committing to remain consistent in your efforts towards your goal.
  • You give into cravings – Even the most fit and healthy individuals are tempted by cravings. This is where consistency comes in. Make a plan that you can stick to consistently whenever you are tempted by a craving. While your ideal response would be to just say no, that is not always possible. Instead, consider starting by satisfying the craving with a healthier alternative. By doing this, you can consistently avoid giving into your cravings, without avoiding them altogether — a great start to your healthy lifestyle!
  • You get discouraged by not seeing results fast enough – Results do not happen overnight. Consistency is what will allow you to stick with your healthy lifestyle long enough to begin seeing those results. Many times people set unrealistic expectations for themselves in hopes of reaching their goal faster. This time, focus on consistency rather than how hard your workouts are or how often you do them. Commit to a daily workout and show up, but do not require yourself to be there for a certain amount of time or to do a certain workout. This will come with time, but at first it is important to be consistent with showing up everyday.
  • You are too busy to workout – We all have many things demanding our time and attention. Whether it is a crazy travel schedule for work or the kick-off of all of your kids’ extracurricular activities, being too busy to workout is a valid concern for many individuals. The key here is prioritizing your workouts and making them a habit. You want your workout to be second nature, not something you need to think about doing. To do this, remain consistent in your workouts. Again, as explained above, it is more important to show up and workout, than to get the perfect workout or to push your body to its full limit everyday.
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