Thanksgiving Meal Survival Guide

It’s Thanksgiving! Your aunt is making her famous pumpkin pie and your grandma will be there to tell you, yet again, that you are not eating enough — how do you survive!? We have a few tips here to help you enjoy the holidays with family, while still maintaining the results of your hard work. Let’s take a look:

Bring your own dish

It is your time to shine and test out your skills in the kitchen. Consider bringing a dish to contribute to the family feast. Your family members will appreciate your contribution to the dinner and you will have a safe, healthy choice that you can fill up on. Consider bringing a salad or veggie platter to snack on before the meal or bringing a healthier alternative to everyone’s favorite pies.

Get a workout in before you eat

Burn some calories before you intake them. A workout before you go to Thanksgiving dinner will leave you feeling hungry, while reminding you of the progress you want to maintain. Not skipping a day of working out also gives you the opportunity to splurge a little on calories, guilt-free! Consider inviting your family and friends who will be joining you at Thanksgiving dinner to workout with you. It could be a fun family activity and get everyone’s heart pumping before a delicious meal.

Be mindful of your portions

Your strategy for tackling Thanksgiving dinner does not necessarily mean skipping all of the fattening (yet, delicious!) foods. One way you can stay healthy while splurging on your holiday favorites is by simply watching your portions. Enjoy a piece of that pie, but do so in moderation. Grab some of your favorite mashed potatoes, but go easy on the gravy. Remember, the less you eat now, the more you get to enjoy tomorrow in Thanksgiving leftovers!

Do not worry if you eat too much

Most importantly, remember that if you get off track and indulge a bit too much in the Thanksgiving goods, you have the opportunity to pick up where you left off tomorrow! Do not let one “cheat” meal keep you from reaching your end goals. Enjoy your time spent with family and friends and enjoy the delicious foods Thanksgiving dinner has to offer. Then, the next day, get back on your Garage Grind workouts to work towards your goals again.

By bringing your own dish, working out before you eat, being mindful of your portions, and not worrying if you get off track for one day, you are on your way to surviving this year’s Thanksgiving meal!

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