Summer Is Coming: Tips to Stay Focused on Your Health Goals While You Travel

Summer is just around the corner! We’re excited and we hope you are too. Whether you have an upcoming cruise, camping trip, road trip, transatlantic vacation, or staycation planned, staying focused on your health and fitness goals while traveling can be difficult. It can be difficult enough to stick to goals with the temptations you face at home. Then, add in reduced sleep, no routine, and the challenge of finding healthy foods and workout equipment while traveling and it often seems easier to just end up skipping the goals entirely while you are traveling. The days of foregoing your goals while you are on vacation are over — follow these tips to get focused wherever your summer takes you!

1. Get Enough Sleep
This is key. It can be challenging to get enough sleep on vacation, especially with late nights out or a time change to adjust to. Also, consider the adjustment to a new bed, sharing a noisy room with the entire family, or loud neighbors partying all night. Despite all of these factors, do what you can to get enough sleep, so that you are energized for enjoying a full day of activities and enough to spare for a workout or eating mindfully.

2. Plan Ahead
Another tip for sticking to your goals while on vacation is planning ahead. Pack lots of snacks, so you have a go-to for when you are feeling hungry or low on energy with no healthy meal in sight. You can also plan ahead by picking out where you will eat to stick to your goals or packing some resistance bands and your sneakers for fitting in a workout wherever you are.

3. Incorporate Your Goals Into Your Itinerary
Rather than grabbing a taxi or Uber, consider walking to your next destination. This is a great way to burn some extra calories and get to explore sights that you would not have seen otherwise. Or, if you are on the beach, take advantage of this time and fit in a quick bodyweight workout — maybe even recruiting the rest of your group to join you!

4. Keep Water With You
One of the biggest travel temptations is to drink whatever beverages are available. Be sure to skip the tempting sugary beverages and stick to water to cut out unnecessary calories and stay hydrated, which is especially important when you are somewhere warm or you are spending a lot of time outside.

5. Skip the Typical Vacation Indulgences
Instead of enjoying typical vacation indulgences like splurging on your favorite desserts or alcohol, enjoy experiences instead. An experience is something that you are much more likely to remember for longer and will not negatively impact the health and fitness goals you are sticking to on your travels.

6. Get a Hotel with a Mini Fridge
A mini fridge gives you the freedom to enjoy meals without dining out. Stash some healthy food or snacks that you can enjoy when there are no better options available or keep leftovers in there, so you are not tempted to overeat at restaurants.

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