Sitting All Day? Exercises You Need to Try Right Now

The dreaded office chair — it sucks you in and often leaves your body craving some movement. Right now, take the challenge of getting your blood circulating and use these ideas to get you started wherever you are. Office? Hotel? Airport? Home? Wherever you are, exercise is completely possible. Give these a try!


Sometimes getting up and moving is just not an option (think: sitting on an airplane or the boss watching you work in your cubicle). When in doubt, stretches can be done from a seated position and can help your body recover from extensive sitting more easily. Twist your ankles and wrists, be sure to rotate them both ways. Do this slowly, with ease and enjoy feeling the stretch. Then, roll your neck while breathing deeply. Again, rotate both ways when doing this. Your shoulders are also a great area to stretch while you are seated and can improve the feeling of your entire back. Roll your shoulders forwards and backwards, slowly, feeling the stretch in your neck and upper back.

If you are able to stand up, consider continuing your stretches. Start by bending over and reaching your arms down towards your feet. Another stretch you can do easily is standing straight up and reaching your hands above your head. Then, with your right arm still extended, lower your left arm to your side and bend to the left. Do the same on the other side.

Give these a try and learn specific stretches that can target the areas your body needs stretching most.


Another option for an exercise you can do right now is some light cardio. You do not need to work up a sweat to get your heart pumping. Running or walking up and down the stairs is a great indoor option that you do not have to go far to accomplish. If stairs are not an option, even just a lap around the office is a great start for getting your blood flowing.

When the weather is nice, and if your workplace allows it, head outside for a quick jog or short walk when you have the time. Squeezing some cardio after sitting for extended periods of time will make your body happy and help get you refocused on the tasks you have to accomplish when you return.


If you have been sitting all day, bodyweight exercises are a great way to loosen up and can be done anywhere with little to no equipment. No equipment exercises you can do include squats, push ups, jump roping (pretend you have a rope in your hands, even if you do not have one with you), crunches, and planks. Each of these exercises target different muscles and can be done in rotation, if you have the time, or just do one or two with limited time. Wall sits and tricep dips are also great bodyweight exercises that can be done in an airport or at the office. Use a nearby wall for the wall sits and find a chair or bench to do tricep dips.

After being in a seated position, exercising can require a bit of creativity and motivation, but between stretching, cardio, and bodyweight, there is something for everyone, everywhere! Give these exercises a try the next time you need a break from sitting.

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