How to Set Up a Home Gym Without Breaking the Bank


Having a gym at home is great for the convenience of being able to workout on your own time and schedule. It is also nice if you have kids at home or want to have all of the equipment you need in one easy, accessible location. Surprisingly, setting up a home gym can be quite doable and affordable. A home gym is scalable to your budget and needs — take a look!

Identify the Necessities
The best place to start is by identifying the things you need most first. If you have been following along with your daily Garage Grind Fitness workouts for at least a week or two now, you should have some idea of the equipment you need to use on a regular basis. Starting with the necessities allows you to have what you need and avoid breaking the bank with unnecessary equipment that may end up collecting dust.

Incorporate More Equipment With Time
Once you start with the basics, you can only build up from there. With time, you will begin discovering what equipment you enjoy the most and what you need to complete your workouts. Plus, you will be able to spread out the cost over time. In a year or six months from now, add something else that will improve the space and make your workouts more dynamic. This is a great approach to an affordable home gym, because it prevents you from having to make a huge upfront investment into your space.

Make it a Space You Enjoy
You should also consider the exercise equipment that you enjoy using the most. If you love medicine balls, be sure to include these in your home gym. You want this to be a space that you enjoy using and come back to time and time again. You should look forward to your daily workout in the space you create. Just like when you are looking for a new gym to go to, your home gym is a place you will be spending a lot of time in. If you need motivational posters or mirrors for your form, be sure to include these items because they will motivate you to come in on a daily basis.

Skip Some Big Ticket Items
Another great way to keep your home gym within your budget is by skipping some of the big ticket items. Instead of buying a treadmill, for example, you can run outside. This is a great way to cut a few hundred dollars off of your original investment. Like suggested above, you can always add these big ticket items in with time, as you are willing to invest more and discover which items you truly need. This approach allows you to avoid overspending on a big ticket item that may end up collecting dust from not being used.

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