Our Top Fitness-Inspired Halloween Costumes

If you are already a fitness enthusiast, you do not need to venture far out of your comfort zone to find the perfect Halloween costume this year. We have assembled a list of the best and most fun costumes to wear. The best part? Most of these can be thrown together at the last minute — which is great if you forgot Halloween lands on October 31 again this year! Ensure you get your workouts in, even with all of your Halloween festivities, by signing up for Garage Grind Training daily workout plans — spend less time planning and more time achieving your goals!


A costume is certainly one place no one will give you funny looks for spray painting those abs on. Even if you have not reached your fitness goals yet, live out the looks of a bodybuilder for one night this Halloween. Be sure to show off that six pack and those guns too!

Favorite Athlete

Whether Olympic champion or football prodigy, Halloween is the perfect night to emulate your favorite superstar. This is an especially easy costume if you already have their jersey laying around! Dress up like your favorite athlete and, who knows? Maybe you will have some extra speed and strength for your workout the next day!


Go for your favorite professional team coach or go as “the coach.” Grab a whistle, your favorite athletic gear, and some motivation to get your team to the championship this year! This is another easy costume to pull together at the last minute and is perfect for anyone with a competitive spirit.

Couples or Family Costume

Get the entire family together or grab your partner and turn your costume this year into a team effort! Add some members to your team, get a cheerleading squad, or act as a personal trainer or coach for your little athletes. Transform any of the fitness-inspired costumes we have here into a group costume, which will only increase the fun for your entire group this Halloween!

Throwback Gym Attire

Pick a decade and get inspiration for your fitness costume. A popular era for iconic workout wear is the 80s — rocking bright neon colors and tight leggings. Dig up some old athletic favorites from your closet or head to a local thrift store to find the perfect items for a throwback gym costume.

Personal Trainer

Whether you have a personal trainer, know a personal trainer, or are a personal trainer, this is one of the easiest costumes to assemble from items within your own closet. Grab your favorite workout gear and a positive, energized spirit to become a personal trainer for the night!

Wheaties Box

Finally get your face featured on “The Breakfast of Champions” with this creative Halloween costume. You are sure to impress the room with your accomplishments when you show up decked out as every young athlete’s dream moment.

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