Check-up and Additional Services

Nutrition Check-Up

Garage Grind goes beyond simply fitness and exercise. We are including a vital component of a healthy lifestyle… Nutrition! Our certified nutritionist offers a Nutrition Check-Up, which accounts for your current health and goals to create custom MACROs, allowing you to know the precise amount of carbs, fat, and protein you should be consuming every day to reach your goals.

Nutrition Check Up – $50

  •  6 week check in
  •  Customized MACROs (based upon Measurements/Weight & Body Fat %)

**Optional Monthly Meal Planning available (See below – $100)

Meal Planning

Meal Planning – $100

It can be tough to hit those daily MACROs without a plan and it can be tough to meal plan with our busy day-to-day lives. Simplify your nutrition with a meal plan provided by our certified nutritionist. With a meal plan, you will know exactly what to buy when you go grocery shopping and will never have to attempt to make a healthy dinner with what is left in the fridge again. This is a key component of reaching your fitness goals and a meal plan will help you stay on track with one of the most challenging components of fitness, eating right.

Our Certified Nutritionist Creates Custom MACROs, Allowing You To Know The Precise Amount Of Carbs, Fat, And Protein You Should Be Consuming Every Day To Reach Your Goals.

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