Nutrition Just Got A Lot Easier

Exercise goes hand-in-hand with nutrition. Without healthy eating habits, the time we spend working out is a waste. Our body needs good fuel to run on. If you want your body to perform well during a workout, you have to put good fuel in it.

When it comes to eating healthy, sometimes the biggest frustration is the planning that’s involved. Lack of time or energy can discourage you from a nutritious lifestyle. That’s why we’ve partnered with Mealfit. Every week, you will get an in-depth Paleo or Whole30 meal plan, complete with instructions and shopping lists for $10.00 a month. This service is incredible! The meals are very easy to make (average of 15 min prep time) and you will be eating within the hour of cooking! The instructions are also very detailed and will make you feel like a world class chef, even if you burned sweets in the easy bake oven as a kid.

There are 3 plans to select from:

  • ORIGINAL: The most popular plan, 95% Paleo with a few non-Paleo ingredients now and again, like cheese or peanut butter.
  • STRICT: Favored by many competitive athletes, this plan is 100% Paleo and follows the Zone eating concept. Keep track of your macronutrients with meals designed with the right amount of carbs, protein, and fat.
  • WHOLE 30:For those athletes following the WHOLE 30 plan.

Your workout is half the battle to a healthier lifestyle…and most of the time is the easiest part of the battle. The nutrition is normally the hardest part to switching to a healthier way of living. With our partnership with Mealfit, the hardest part of the fight just got easier!

Once you sign up, let us know what your favorite meal is!

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