Missed Monday’s Workout? That’s Okay — Find Out How to Stick With It Here!

At times it can seem like we must make our commitment to a fit and healthy lifestyle starting bright and early on Monday morning. You got off track and want to come back? Start next Monday! You want to have consistent, weekday workouts? Start Monday!

Scratch that.

If you miss a Monday or skip Monday workouts altogether — it is okay! The great thing about a fit and healthy lifestyle is that it is exactly that, your life. It is not a fad or a trend and Monday workouts are not a requirement. When you make fitness part of your life, you need to figure out what works best for you.

It is not about when or where you workout, it is about making the commitment to your health, your body, and your mind. Regardless of whether you are a Monday morning grinder or not, check out these great tips!

→ Focus On Movement
Your body does not care what day of the week or time of day it is, it simply craves movement. Do not dwell on the days, times, or types of workouts you are doing, but make it your goal to move everyday. If you are unable to do your daily Garage Grind Training workout on Mondays, skip it! Then, find a different way to move. Whether it be some simple stretches or a walk with the dog outside, movement is important.

→ Work With Your Schedule
When you have a flexible workout plan, like Garage Grind Training, you can customize your workout plan to meet your needs. Instead of trying to change your schedule and transform your day-to-day routine to live a healthy lifestyle, fit the workouts into your existing schedule. Maybe this means not doing workouts on Mondays, but working out on Saturday mornings instead.

→ Pick Up Where You Left Off
Always, always give yourself the freedom to pick up where you left off without judgement or resentment. If you missed a day you were not planning to miss, that is okay. The past is the past. Focus on your future and your goals. When Mondays are a regular part of your schedule and you are unable to workout for whatever reason, wake up Tuesday morning reset and ready to tackle the day and your next workout. Do not worry about what you missed out on. Look ahead to your future success!

→ Mix It Up
Maybe your schedule looks different each week. Sometimes you get in that Monday workout, sometimes you do not. Your schedule does not need to be consistent, only your movement needs to be consistent. If you are working out five weekdays one week, but the next week you do three weekdays and two weekend days, this is great! Do what you can, when you can, where you can.

→ Keep Your Head Up
Do not discount your entire day or week simply because you got off on the wrong foot. If you typically workout on Monday mornings, but missed one, do not be afraid to try and get in a workout later that night. Your entire day is not shot, you just missed your usual habit. No big deal. Find some time later in the day to do your workout or a shortened version.

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