Just Start Moving: The Secret to Jumpstarting Your Fitness Habits

When you think of exercise, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Likely, you will think of running, lifting weights, or maybe some popular exercise classes, like Zumba, Spin, or Yoga, come to mind.

Now, instead of exercise, think of movement. When you think of movement, what things come to mind? The great thing about movement is that it comes in all shapes and sizes — anything that involves moving your body is considered movement! This includes walking the dog, doing stretches, dancing with the kids in the living room, or exploring a new city on foot.

Many of us struggle to stick with an exercise plan and stay on track to reach our fitness goals. The best place to start is with something you love, something manageable, and something you can commit to on a regular basis. Rather than focusing on an ambitious workout routine, start with daily movement that will create the foundation of a habit that will allow you to challenge yourself more in the future.

Use these three steps to begin daily movement in your life:

1. Start Somewhere

Consider your favorite way to move and start there. If you are struggling to think of a form of movement you enjoy, think back to your childhood and consider what types of movements you enjoyed at the time. Maybe it was a sport or just playing in the park. If you are a parent, jumping in on your kids’ daily playtime can be a great way to start moving and enjoy it too!

For those of you who are already using a fitness plan, like Garage Grind Training, but struggle to keep up with the workouts, try to find one part of the workout that you enjoy and start there. This will put the fun back in your movement and once you get going, it will be easier to stick out the rest.

2. Shift Your Expectations

Our expectations for ourselves are often our greatest inhibitors to success. Give up those expectations that you have or shift them to be more flexible and accommodating as you begin to develop your new, healthy habits. For example, many of us have minimum expectations for what constitutes as a “workout.” Perhaps you want to work out for a minimum of one hour daily or a workout must include some sort of strength training. Leave these ideas behind for now. Just focus on movement.

Do not worry about moving “enough” or stress about doing traditional exercises or moving in the gym. Instead, just move — then, once you have created the habit, you may be surprised to realize that you actually crave, enjoy, and look forward to movement. At this point, you can begin challenging yourself to achieve those fitness goals you have in mind.

3. Celebrate

Take time to be grateful for your body’s ability to move and celebrate each day that you get up and move! Celebrate without reservation or judgement on what kind of movement you have done or how long you moved for. Create a positive association with movement, something you can look forward to as you continue your health and fitness journey. Remember that the most important part of fitness is your health. Daily movement is a key step towards improving your health and the longevity of your life.

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