How To Stay Body Positive in a Social World

Imagine a world where your success was defined by the number of likes on your Instagram picture and your performance judged by how many followers you had on Facebook. While this is not entirely the case at present, social media plays a large role in our lives and can consciously and subconsciously affect how we view our bodies.

Why is body positivity important?
There are many reasons why body positivity is important. It impacts our confidence and how we carry ourselves. In turn, this impacts our health and our fitness. If you are working towards a health or fitness goal, being positive and accepting of your body as it is, is an important step towards change. Our bodies are capable of so much more than just the outward appearance that we tend to focus on. Remember: exercise allows us to build inner strength, a healthy lifestyle includes a strong mind, and eating clean foods nourishes the body both inside and out.

When you have a positive mindset about your body, you are able to direct all of your focus on advancing your progress and becoming better than you were yesterday. Whether your goals include becoming stronger and more mobile or eating whole, fresh foods, remember that the most important changes you will experience come from within, not what you see on the outside.

How can you stay inspired and positive with social media?

1. Follow Accounts that Inspire
When you see fitness models on Instagram or Facebook, focus on their inner capabilities rather than just their body. Try to follow accounts where the focus is more on strength and fitness accomplishments than on aesthetic. Then, as you are scrolling through your feed, use that as motivation to fuel the day’s workout. Think about the fact that in order to become strong and athletic, these individuals started from nothing and had to build their strength. No one is born with an athlete’s body, it is cultivated over time with hard work. So, the next time you are scrolling through your social media feed and are tempted to be discouraged by the images and videos you see, remember that these individuals are only putting their best foot forward, not sharing the whole story of the hard work they had to put in to achieve their goals.

2. Take a Detox
Whether you feel that social media has a positive or negative influence on your life, it is important to pause and take a break from social media from time to time. As with most things in life, it can best be enjoyed with moderation. Taking a social media detox will allow you to gain new perspective and focus. During this time, reallocate the time you would have once spent scrolling through your Newsfeed to work towards a goal — maybe you pick up a new book or spend more time with friends and family.

3. Share Something Genuine
The third and final tip for staying inspired on social media is contributing to a positive, brighter community. Begin sharing things that are genuine and honest. Show your raw and real self. While there may not be many others who are doing the same, you are likely to comfort others who may be feeling discouraged or uninspired from social media.

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