How-To: Do Your Garage Grind Workout During Your Lunch Break


If you think you need to wake up at the crack of dawn or opt for a late-night workout just to squeeze in your daily Garage Grind Training workout… Think again! Consider using your lunch break to get a solid workout in. Beyond the benefit of making the most of your time, you will also be more alert and energized to tackle the second half of your day. Use these tips to maximize your lunch break and fit in your daily Garage Grind workout.

Make Your Lunch Quick
Rather than opting for a meal that needs to be reheated or assembled, choose something simple and fast. A wrap is a great example, because you can just grab it out of the fridge and eat right away. If you have the option of eating at your desk while you work, you can also do this following your workout and dedicate your entire break to your workout.

Get Everything Ready To Go
Do not run around trying to gather everything you need to do your workout. Instead, have it ready to go in one place. Keep a backpack with your gym clothes, shoes, and equipment at your desk so you can grab it and start your workout within minutes.

Find the Right Space
Plan ahead and find the right space for your workout. Maybe you are lucky enough to have fitness facilities at your workplace, but if you do not, look for the right spot the day before you plan to workout during your lunch. Look for a place that is accessible and open, but also has the things you need.

Plan Ahead
The night before, review what is ahead in your workout. Plan the equipment you will need and bring only those things. Also, look at the workout to see if there are any modifications you will need to make, due to not having access to the equipment, and plan accordingly. This will make it easier for you to focus on your workout alone, rather than fumbling around with equipment you do not need or trying to figure out how to make the workout work in the space you have available.

Bring the Freshen-Up Essentials
You will likely not have time for a full shower after your workout, but you can still spare your co-workers of the lovely smells of sweat and hard work. Plan for items that will allow you to freshen up quickly and easily. Some good ones to keep in mind are a towel for removing sweat and washing your face, dry shampoo, and perfume or cologne. Then, change back into your clean work clothes, stashing your sweaty clothes in the car to keep the smell concealed.

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