How to Avoid the Afternoon Slump at Work

Great news! You do not need to go on that Starbucks run or grab a can of caffeinated soda to fuel your workday afternoons. Instead, beat the afternoon slump with these tips:

Eat a Nutritious Lunch
The key to beating the afternoon slump is getting ahead of it. With a meal stuffed with nutrients and energy, it will be impossible to feel down. Fuel your body with the whole, real foods it needs to stay energized all afternoon.

Soak Up Sunshine
During your lunch break or if you get a chance in the afternoon, sneak outside and soak up some sunshine. The sun will energize you and leave you feeling revitalized to tackle those last few hours of the workday.

Keep an Energizing Snack
Instead of snacking just because you are bored, snack with intention. Keep some afternoon pick-me-up snacks at your desk and fuel your slump with energizing nutrients.

Drink Something Refreshing
You may be skipping Starbucks and soda, but that does not mean to avoid all beverages. Water with a little flavoring, fruit infusion, or carbonation can be a great change of pace, while still hydrating and fueling your body.

Get a Small Task Done
Sometimes all we need in the afternoon is a little motivational boost. Get a small, easy task done and use the sense of accomplishment to motivate you for the rest of the afternoon.

Get up from your desk and move a bit. Whether it is doing a few stretches or doing some simple exercises at your desk or outside, this will help give you the last bit of energy you need to get through the rest of your day.

Work With Someone
Pick a project that requires collaboration or find someone to work with. When you are feeling tired in the afternoon, often working with someone else will help spark your creativity and allow you to feed off of their energy.

Skip the Email and Communicate In-Person
On the same tune as the previous tip, it can be a great boost to skip emailing someone in the office and head to their office to chat for a few minutes. Not only is it more effective to communicate face-to-face, but you will get your blood flowing on that short watch and revitalize your afternoon.

Take a Break
Sometimes a mental break is all you need to feel refreshed and come back to your work refocused. Consider taking a break. Go grab some water or just take a lap around the office and come back to finish out the rest of your workday.

Switch Tasks
If you do not have time to take a break, switch tasks instead. Maybe you are struggling to work on one task, so try something else. Get something easier done and then come back. This is a great trick to use throughout the workday, but can be especially helpful during those last few draining hours.

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