Get Your Daily Workouts On the Calendar — Here is Why

Open your phone or your planner and look at your calendar. Likely, your calendar is full of meetings, events, activities for the kids, obligations, and more. Do you have your workouts scheduled into your calendar? Most people do not, but you should! If you want your health to be as important (or more important) than many of the other obligations you have scheduled in your calendar, it is important to write it down and make the commitment to showing up.

There are countless benefits to scheduling your daily exercise on the calendar. First, scheduling your exercise allows you to think ahead about the optimal time for your workout. If your schedule is packed each day, there may only be a small window for your workout or you may have to shift some things around — scheduling it in gives you a heads up and allows you to find or create time in your schedule. Once you have this in the books, it will serve as a reminder when the day comes around. It is easy to get caught up in our day-to-day lives and forget to get our exercise in on a hectic day.

Simply seeing the reminder for your workout on your calendar will provide a form of accountability to yourself. Just as you would show up for a scheduled meeting or event, commit to showing up for yourself to do your workout each day. Knowing the time of your workouts ahead will also allow you to invite a friend, which is a great added layer of accountability!

Finally, scheduling your workouts into your calendar gives you the benefit of looking back and seeing your progress. It is fun to look back and see all of the days you scheduled in your workouts and actually showed up! Use your calendar as a log to see how far you have come.

Here are a few tips to get started scheduling in your daily exercise on your calendar:

Make it Detailed or Keep it Simple

When you are adding it to your calendar, you can do something as simple as writing “workout” or you can plan out each workout ahead of time. If you get the daily Garage Grind Training workouts, you do not need to worry about the details here — just check your app before you head out. Try it free for your first week and schedule in each workout to your calendar!

Add the Location

Knowing exactly where you will do the workout is helpful for staying on track. Plus, it can allow you to schedule the workout where it is most convenient for you at the time. Need to do it at home? Great, write it down. Want to squeeze it in between meetings at a new gym while you are traveling for work? Add that in.

Choose a Specific Time

Just as the location is beneficial for accountability, including a specific time is also vital. Rather than simply writing down the days you will workout, add a specific time that is accomodating of your daily schedule. If it changes at the last minute, that is ok, but work to prioritize your workouts and schedule your other events and obligations accordingly.

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