Don’t Let Fear Stop You: Use These 5 Strategies to Tackle Your Fears

Fear is that unwanted thought in the back of your mind. Fear is what stops us from truly realizing our full potential. Fear is a mechanism that is designed to make us cautious and keep us safe, but fear may be limiting your success. Do not let fear stop you from achieving your goals, because you are capable! Use these five strategies to tackle fear head on and begin reaching your goals without the setback of fear.

1. Acknowledge Your Fears
The first step you should take towards overcoming your fears is acknowledging them. Truly get to the heart of what you are afraid of and what is holding you back. Are you afraid of failing? Are you afraid of being embarrassed? Are you afraid of getting injured? Whatever the fear is, acknowledge it. It is okay to have fears, but you must acknowledge them to learn how to overcome them.

2. Take Baby Steps
Think of your fear and take baby steps to overcome it. You may not be able to dive head first into the “deep end” of your fear, but you can dip your toes in the pool. Try setting small goals for yourself that help you become more comfortable with the things that scare you. Eventually, you may discover that the fear you once had is gone.

3. Gain Confidence
Do not be afraid to take a few steps back and build up confidence before facing your fear. For example, if you are afraid of that new squat PR you are pushing for, lower the weights you are using first. Gain confidence in your form and in your body. Then, when you are ready, go for that PR. You can also have a friend nearby to help boost your confidence, knowing there is someone that can pick you back up if you do not succeed at first.

4. Focus on Your Goals
Another strategy you can use to overcome your fears is by focusing on your goals. Why are you doing this? Keep this goal in mind and use it as motivation to overcome the things you are afraid of doing. If your goal is more important to you than your fears, it will help you release those fears and conquer your goals.

5. Celebrate
Throughout life, there are likely many fears you will have to overcome. When you do overcome them, take some time to look back and cherish how far you have come. Reflecting on your accomplishments is an important step of reminding yourself that you are bigger than your fears and you are capable of accomplishing anything. The next time you encounter a fear that you want to tackle, remember this moment. You have done it before and you will do it again.

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