Cure Your Bad Moods: Daily Exercise is Key

The doctor’s orders are in… The cure to a bad mood is daily exercise! We all get in a bad mood from time-to-time. Whether it is a tough day at work or long day with the kids, it is easy to let a bad mood consume our entire day and prevent us from accomplishing the things we want to do or enjoying ourselves. Let’s talk about why daily exercise is your cure to a bad mood:

What have you used to try to cure your bad moods in the past? It is easy to resort to junk food, shopping, or alcohol as a coping mechanism for a bad mood. These are habits that we create, but unfortunately, these only can temporarily relieve your bad mood and will sometimes even worsen it in the long-term. This is why exercise makes a better solution.

Science shows that exercise releases endorphins. Endorphins are the “happy” chemicals of your brain. Because exercise triggers your brain to release endorphins, this is a great way to get an instant mood boost when you are feeling down. Plus, the simple act of exercise itself can preoccupy your mind when you are stressed, allowing you to focus and release your energy in a more positive way.

Once you get in a habit of using daily exercise to relieve bad moods, you may even notice that your bad moods disperse. Rather than just trying to exercise when you are feeling down, you will have a renewed motivation to exercise consistently. When you are already feeling down, it can be tough to motivate yourself to get that workout in, but if you are in a habit of exercising daily, you will avoid sinking into a bad mood altogether.

If you are already in a bad mood, that is okay! It can be tough to get yourself up and going, but remember this: you do not need to commit to a full workout right away. First, focus on movement. Head outside and do some stretches or your favorite kind of movement. Or, just show up at the gym and start doing your favorite exercise — anything from walking the track to squats is great. Once you get moving and get in the groove, it is a lot easier to stick with it. Before you know it, you will have completed a full workout and transformed your mood!

The same strategy can be applied at work. Turnaround a bad mood fast by committing to just five minutes of movement. You do not even need to break a sweat. Just focus on movement and breathing for a few minutes and escape whatever is bringing you down at work.

Exercise truly can help put things back in perspective. It helps us escape the negative thoughts we get trapped in, so we can come back reset and ready to tackle whatever else the day may bring. Start incorporating daily exercise into your life and watch how your mood transforms!

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