Benefits of Logging Your Workouts

At Garage Grind we strongly believe in recording your workout results each day. This is why we use the app SugarWod each day to send you the workouts.

So why should you record your results?

1. Logging helps you track progress

Do you remember your first workout? Do you remember thinking “I’m never gonna finish this”? Do you remember thinking, “Man, that took a long time to do”? Those are normal thoughts after an intense workout. As you continue to workout you will notice that your times and strength are improving, but without logging your results (time/weight or rounds/weight) you will never be able to see the progress. When you log your results you may think that it took you a long time but then notice that a particular set of movements took you less time today than it did three months ago? When you see progress it motivates you to keep putting in the work because you are seeing the results!

2. Logging helps you pick a proper weight

When you see the daily workout and are trying to figure out if you should try that weight or scale to less weight it would be great to have access to information to show you what you have done in the past. Maybe two months ago you did 4 rounds of power cleans at 45 lbs and feel like this time you can go up in weight. Without logging it will always be a guessing game…and you don’t want to be guessing when it comes to working out. You want to work your hardest and know you got a good workout in. With SugarWOD you have access to all weights you have done on all movements you have recorded and it is super simple to access.

3. Logging gives you the opportunity to compete against your old time

So it’s just you in the garage or the driveway by yourself. How do you motivate yourself to give your very best effort? If you knew what your time was last time you did a benchmark workout you would have some motivation to beat your previous time. A little friendly competition is good, especially when it is against yourself. Imagine the feeling of accomplishment you would have if you pushed yourself to the max and beat your old time by 5 seconds to 2 minutes?! How pumped would you feel?! How challenged would you feel to go harder if you were slower this month than you were last month? All of this is possible when you log your results.

If you aren’t taking full advantage of SugarWOD then we encourage you to start logging your results. The benefits are worth it for you!



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