8 Ways You Can Create a Healthy and Happy Corporate Culture


Happy and healthy employees mean increased productivity, boosted office morale, and higher employee retainment rates. Most business leaders want a happy and healthy corporate culture, but the reality of creating one can be challenging. Prioritize your culture in the coming year and watch the transformation unfold before your eyes. Use these tips to create a healthy and happy culture in your company in 2019.

  1. Show You Care – Your employees will care about their work and your company when you demonstrate that you care about them. Not only caring about your team’s success, productivity, and contributions but truly caring about each individual that makes up your team.
  2. Focus On Personal Goals – It is easy for your employees to get caught up in the day-to-day of their roles within your company. At some point, your team may forget about their own personal and professional goals. When you help your employees succeed in the things that matter most to them, they will in turn have a boosted morale in helping your company grow and thrive.
  3. Follow Through With Action – It is one thing to make hopeful promises and optimistic statements, but following through with action is what will most impact your team, making them healthier and happier. For example, the promise and delivery of a corporate wellness program is one great way to create lasting happiness in the workplace — learn more about how Garage Grind Training is the implementable, affordable wellness solution your company needs.
  4. Lead By Example – If you want your employees to be happy and healthy, start with you! How can you demonstrate healthy habits around the workplace? Whether it is bringing a healthy lunch to work or encouraging your team to take a walk for lunch with you, lead by example to cultivate the happy and healthy environment you would like to see.
  5. Say, “Hello!” – A simple morning greeting is a great way to boost happiness in the workplace. This only takes a few minutes out of your morning, but your team will love being personally greeted by you fostering a deeper connection that is sure to keep your team smiling all day.
  6. Prioritize Work-Life Balance – The key to your employees being their best at work is spending time not at work. By implementing a corporate wellness program, you can help encourage your team to spend time outside of work. Not only will the fitness itself help your team find more health and happiness, but the time spent resting the mind from work will leave them feeling refreshed and energized for their next day of work.
  7. Encourage Wellness – Just as a wellness program can help your employees find a work-life balance, it can also help them eat healthier and get more exercise. While this is often something done during personal time, the impact of a healthy lifestyle will bleed into your company culture, creating a buzz of energy and happiness for everyone!

Garage Grind Training works one-on-one with companies to help implement a corporate wellness program that is certain to boost the health and happiness in your company culture. Find out more: garagegrind.training.

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