8 Key Benefits of Corporate Wellness

Because people spend most of the day either working or sleeping, there are two key areas that should be promoting a healthy, healthy life: work and one’s bed. Here at Garage Grind Training, we understand that it is difficult to manage wellness, while being busy at work. This is one of the main driving points of Garage Grind Training, you can fit in your workouts to your own schedule, wherever you are. Business owners, take advantage of these eight benefits by promoting a wellness-friendly environment at work!

1. Happier Employees
Healthy employees are happy employees. Working out releases endorphins and also leaves people feeling confident about their body. Ensure your employees are happy to improve the work environment and boost your organization’s success.

2. Added Benefits
Hiring the best and brightest employees is tough and competitive. Instead of increasing salary to compete, offer alluring benefits. A corporate wellness program may be exactly what you need to secure the best candidates for your open positions.

3. Increased Productivity
A focus on wellness allows employees to spend less time worrying about their health and fitness and more time focusing on work related matters while at work. In addition, studies show that consistent exercise can lead to a clearer mind and increase productivity.

4. Prevention
When working to reduce sick days and fight costly chronic diseases, prevention is key. Wellness programs give employees the opportunity to take preventative measures against diseases and boost their immune system and body strength with exercise and healthy eating.

5. Flexible Implementation
A wellness program is not rigid, it can be customized and designed to meet your company’s needs. For example, if many of your employees travel, skip the expensive gym memberships. Instead, offer them an option like Garage Grind Training, which provides daily workouts that can be done with minimal equipment at home or on the go.

6. Lower Health Costs
Though the cost of healthcare is on the rise, it is still possible to lower the costs through alternative, preventative measures. If you equip your team with the resources they need to workout and eat healthy, they will take advantage of the opportunity, which will in turn, reduce the burden of health care costs on the company.

7. Promote Positive Habits
Those who workout and are committed to a healthy diet often have good habits that can transfer into the workspace. For example, someone who is dedicated to working out is often discipline. They have persistence to overcome challenges and they have the motivation to reach their goals. These are all traits that would be valuable of an employee in the office.

8. Implementable at Any Scale
Even a company with a few employees can implement a wellness program. Start small and build from there. Garage Grind Training is easily implementable at any level and for any number of employees. It gives your team the flexibility to workout whenever and wherever is most convenient for their lifestyle.

As you can see, a corporate wellness program can be beneficial for many reasons. Consider incorporating this into your workplace and watch your company and team thrive with the resources to improve their wellness.

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