6 Tips for Scheduling Your Workout for Busy Parents


As a parent, life is busy. Between running the kids around for school and activities, caring for them at home, and working, finding time to workout may seem like a challenge. Use these six tips to make it possible to squeeze a workout into your day. Whether it is a daily workout or something you do a few times a week, every little bit counts.

Do It Right Away
Before anything else distracts you or takes your attention, get your workout done in the morning. Waking up earlier can be tough, but this is a great time to stay focused, get your workout done, and enjoy the energy from working out all day long. This prevents unexpected obligations or plans popping up throughout your day that would prevent you from working out.

Schedule In a Time
Whether it is morning, night, or afternoon, schedule in a time to workout. Actually write it down in your planner or as a reminder on your phone. Treat this as an appointment, something that you would avoid canceling or missing at all costs. Of course life happens, but commiting to your workout like any other important appointment or meeting allows you to prioritize it in your busy schedule.

Maximize Your Workouts
Short and sweet — your workouts do not have to be long to be effective. Maximize the time that you have to workout. Push yourself and you may be surprised, but every little bit of effort and work that you put in adds up, even if you cannot spend as long as you would like working out each day.

Schedule Around the Kids
Think of the times when you are least busy throughout the day. Is it while your kids are napping? Perhaps while they are in school? Or maybe when they are at soccer and baseball practice? Whatever time your schedule is open, consider using one of these to fit in a workout. This is also a great way to stay on track, knowing whenever your kids are in school or at soccer practice, you have an opportunity to workout.

Include the Kids
Instead of trying to schedule your daily Garage Grind Training workouts around your kids’ schedules, incorporate them into their schedules. When the kids get home from school, go to the park. While you workout, your kids can do modified versions of the exercises with you or “workout” with playtime at the park. Exercises like push-ups, squats, or burpees are a great way for your kids to learn the basics of fitness and relieve their energy, while you get your workout in too.

Bring Your Workout On the Go
While your kids are at soccer practice, slip on your sneakers and do your Garage Grind Training workout at the nearby park or in a field. Or, take a run around a local park. There are plenty of ways to enjoy a workout outside while your kids are at their activities or in class. Be flexible with where you complete the workout and you will find lots of opportunities.

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