6 Tips for a Healthier Thanksgiving

What’s more important on Thanksgiving: the football or the food? This year, stick with football to stay on track with your MACROs (if you want to learn more about MACROs, click HERE) and enjoy the time spent with family and friends! While you may not be splurging on the food this Thanksgiving, there are plenty of ways to still enjoy a delicious meal. Use these tips to have a healthier Thanksgiving this year


If you are feeling down about not being able to indulge in all of your Thanksgiving favorites, remember that there are always leftovers. With this in mind, you can spread out your typical Thanksgiving meal over the course of two or three days. This way, you can have a bit of all of your favorite Thanksgiving foods, while staying on track with eating well. For the day of Thanksgiving, pick a couple of things to enjoy and fill up on lots of nutritious, filling foods instead.

Move As a Family

Since the entire family is together, it is a great time to cherish the day spent together while getting active. Your daily Garage Grind Training workout is a great way to get moving with your loved ones. Scale the workout to the needs of each individual and take it at a more relaxed pace — focus on having fun and enjoying the time with your family!

BYOD (Bring Your Own Dish)

If you are unsure whether there will be any healthy options at your Thanksgiving meal, consider bringing your own dish. Having at least one healthy option to reach for will make it easier to stay on track despite all of the tempting dishes. Fill up on the nutritious option you bring and enjoy the rest of the meal in moderation!

Drink Water

A good way to avoid overeating is drinking water. When you are busy enjoying the day with loved ones, it can be easy to get dehydrated and forget to drink water throughout the day. Be mindful of how much water you are drinking and if you are enjoying a few glasses of wine or beers, alternate them with a refreshing glass of water.


While you would think the opposite would be true, filling up on healthy snacks before a big meal can be a great way to curb your appetite and avoid reaching for those tempting foods. Raw vegetables or nuts make a great snack that the entire family will enjoy — use these to nourish your body before the meal itself.

Skip the “Extras”

When possible, skip the “extras.” Extras are the things that you do not necessarily need to enjoy a great meal, but can really reduce the nutrition of what you are eating. For example, consider skipping the bread roll or whipped topping on your pie. This way, you still get to enjoy a delicious meal or dessert, while remaining mindful of your health and fitness goals!

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