6 Keys to Packing a Healthy Lunch for Work or School

Whether you have been bringing your lunch to work for years or you are just now giving it a try, packing a healthy lunch can be a challenge for even the most seasoned lunch packers. Today, we are giving you all of the tips you need to know to make packing a healthy lunch for you, your spouse, or your kids simple and easy!

  1. Stick to the Basics
    Preparing a lunch on the go is not much different than preparing a lunch at home or your weeknight dinners. The basics of nutrition remain the same, it is only how it is packed and served that is different. Eat whole foods that are packed of nutrients. Find proteins that are easy to pack and load up on vegetables, which are easy to reheat or enjoy cold!
  2. Make it Easy
    Instead of going all out and trying new lunch dishes that you found on Pinterest, make it easy on yourself: eat the foods you already like. This concept seems simple, but it is often overlooked. Do you enjoy a delicious sandwich? Swap the bread for lettuce and make something you already know how to make.
  3. Plan Ahead
    Think about what works for you and your workplace and plan ahead. Find a few recipes that are easy for you to enjoy at work and make a list of the ingredients you will need. Think about your work environment. If you do not have access to a microwave or kitchen, your options will be limited, but not impossible. Without a microwave, stick to foods that taste good chilled. Once you figure out what you need for the week ahead, head to the grocery store and pick up everything you need.
  4. Make Leftovers Your New BFF
    This tip makes lunch easy for the entire family. Rather than planning out a new dish to make for lunch the next day, make extra of your dinner to enjoy throughout the week. After you are done eating, separate the leftovers into reusable containers to bring to work. If you will not be eating them within 1-2 days, consider throwing them in the freezer to make them last longer.
  5. Consider Your Body’s Needs
    Your body’s needs should be the priority when planning your lunches. If you are required to each lunch at a certain time and you always feel hungry before or after your lunch, for example, consider packing healthy snacks to get you through the day. Stash these in your office to have access when the hunger hits you.
  6. Set a Reminder to Grab Your Lunch
    If you think the hardest part of bringing your lunch to work is preparing or packing it, you may be surprised when grabbing it out of the fridge keeps slipping your mind! It happens to the best of us. The best way to prevent this from happening is by setting a reminder that you will 100 percent see before leaving. Whether it is a note on the door, a timed reminder on your phone, or even a sticky note inside your car, make sure you grab your lunch before leaving.
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