6 Healthy Swaps You Can Make to Your Weeknight Dinner Favorites

Eating healthy does not mean spending hours preparing meals or giving up your quick, weeknight favorites. If your kids refuse to eat anything except for spaghetti or tacos, you are in luck! Use these substitutions to take your favorite weeknight meals and put a healthy twist on them.

Swap Taco Shells for Greens
You do not have to skip taco night entirely. Instead, enjoy your tacos on a bed of lettuce and enjoy a taco salad. This is a great way to load up on nutritious vegetables, while still enjoying the delicious flavors of the tacos you love most. Top the bed of lettuce with seasoned taco meat, your favorite vegetables, and any other toppings you love on your traditional tacos.

Swap Pasta for Spiralized Noodles
This is an easy swap. Keep your favorite spaghetti sauce or seasoning and simply swap out the high carb pasta for a plant-based substitute. Whether it is spiralized zucchini or carrots, which can be found pre-spiralized at your local grocery store, or a spaghetti squash, these swaps will lower the calories and carbs you consume and increase the veggies in your meal — the whole family will love this swap!

Swap Rice for Cauliflower Rice
You cannot go wrong with a quick, easy chicken and rice dish for dinner. Instead of sticking with white rice or brown rice, consider trying cauliflower rice. Many stores offer cauliflower rice premade, but it is also very easy to make from home. A bonus? Cauliflower rice can be even quicker to cook than regular rice. It is perfect for a busy weeknight!

Swap Bread for a Lettuce Wrap
If it is a sandwich and soup night in your home, consider swapping out the bread for a lettuce wrap. Fill the lettuce wrap with all of your favorite sandwich ingredients and you will not miss out on the flavors, while skipping the unnecessary calories. Plus, this is easy to adapt if you need to take your dinner on the go or to make leftovers for lunch tomorrow.

Swap Sour Cream for Greek Yogurt
There are many foods that taste great with a little extra sour cream. Enjoy this flavor guilt-free by substituting it for greek yogurt. Greek yogurt is similar in taste and texture. When mixed in with your dish, you will hardly notice the swap in flavor, but your body will thank you later!

Swap Light Greens for Dark Greens
Dark, leafy greens like spinach and kale hold a lot more nutrients than iceberg lettuce. Pick up some of these nutritious greens for a health boost and a simple swap to your meal. Whether you were planning on having a salad, sandwiches, tacos, or another lettuce-filled dish, spinach can add nutrients and flavor to your weeknight meal!

BONUS: Swap Tea for Soda
It can be tempting to enjoy a nice, cold soda with your weeknight meal. Unfortunately, this calorie-packed habit can add up quickly. Instead, enjoy a flavorful, yet healthy tea instead. You can even make it iced tea, to give it a similar feel and experience as sipping on your favorite soda.

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