5 Foolproof Holiday Gift Ideas for the Home Gym Enthusiast

For the friend that has a home gym, is building a home gym, or wants a home gym, holiday gift giving has never been easier. Whether it is in the garage, basement, or a few items in the corner of the living room, upgrades and additions to home fitness equipment are a sure way to nail this year’s holiday gifts for the fitness enthusiasts in your life. Check out the list below to find the perfect item for everyone on your list!

Portable Speaker
While headphones make it easy to bring your pump up tunes on the go, the home gym enthusiast will benefit from a portable speaker that can easily be set anywhere in the home gym space. A loudspeaker is a great way to set the atmosphere for a great workout and can be enjoyed at any volume from the comfort of one’s home. Help your friends or family get in a good sweat with the right speaker for their favorite pump-up tunes!

Monthly Fitness Subscription
Whether it is a subscription box filled with nutritious snacks or fitness accessories, like StrengthCrate and Clean.Fit, or daily workouts in their inbox with Garage Grind Training, the home gym enthusiasts on your list will love the fun surprises in the mail each month and daily workouts that maximize the equipment they already have at home. Nutrition can also be a challenge — even for those who workout regularly from home! Consider the gift of a custom meal plan, which will start your gift recipient off on the right foot in achieving their health and fitness goals!

Recovery Aid
Just as a new pair of dumbbells or full-length wall mirror may enhance the home workout space for your gift recipient, recovery will enhance their workout experience. To successfully train and see results, individuals must focus on recovery to help their muscles maximize each workout and alleviate soreness and stiffness. A foam roller or gift certificate for a massage are great ideas that will help your friends and family unwind and recover from tough workouts.

Creative Additions

While many home gyms are set up with the basics, like dumbbells, a mirror, and a bench, a creative addition is a great gift and sure to delight the fitness enthusiasts on your holiday shopping list this year. Think: battle ropes, wall balls, or a plyo box. These creative additions can enhance any workout and make fitness more fun. Find something your recipient does not already have and brighten their workouts with a fun and creative addition this holiday season.

Inspirational Decor
Creating a motivational and energized environment is key to success in the gym — this can be tough when the gym is at home. A great pick for any fitness lover on your list is inspirational decor for their home gym. Find a poster with a motivational quote or a digital wall clock that keeps them going when the workouts get tough.

There is no one secret to nailing the perfect gift for the home gym enthusiast on your list — we are easy to please when it comes to fitness gear and accessories! Enjoy the holidays!

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