Your 2018 Fitness Bucket List Guide


A fitness bucket list is a great thing to make at the beginning of each year. A bucket list is not all about boring goals and desired outcomes, it can be tons of fun! This is your map for the rest of your year. Whenever you are looking for a way to challenge your fitness or grow your experiences, you can check your bucket list and try something new.

Everyone should have a fitness bucket list because it allows you to stretch your horizons and keep track of all of the things you have talked about trying, but never had a chance to actually execute. A great way to check things off of your bucket list is by committing to do one bucket list item per week or per month.

Some general categories of items you can add to your list are trying new things that you have always wanted to do, but never actually achieved. Or, you can use your bucket list for a goal that you would like to achieve. You do not have to go at this bucket list alone. Instead, recruit a friend to build the bucket list with you or find friends to check off the items as you go.

Take a look at these fitness bucket list items to get some ideas. Then, go make your own and get started right away!

  1. Break a personal record
  2. Try a new exercise
  3. Find a new fitness activity you want to try
  4. Travel somewhere new and incorporate exercise
  5. Be able to do a pull up
  6. Get sculpted abs or arms
  7. Be able to do the splits
  8. Sign up for a fitness competition
  9. Run a 5K (or longer!)
  10. Climb a rock wall
  11. Complete a fitness challenge
  12. Try a fast or cleanse
  13. Go skiing or snowboarding
  14. Set a new sprinting PR
  15. Perfect the push up
  16. Take a new fitness class
  17. Go to yoga
  18. Workout for 30 days consecutively
  19. Do a handstand
  20. Drink 8 glasses of water daily
  21. Cut out all sugary drinks
  22. Eat vegetables with each meal
  23. Try a vegan or vegetarian meal
  24. Try a new sport
  25. Join a recreational sports team
  26. Make a new fitness friend
  27. Try a new hike
  28. Commit a weekend to your health
  29. Try a watersport
  30. Take a dance class

These are just a few ideas to get started. Take your bucket list and run with it. Do not worry about accomplishing everything, just chip away at your list and enjoy a year of experiencing new things and maybe even discovering something new that you love!

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