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Daily Workouts

Choose your daily workout from Strength or Cardio plans and track your progress.

Meal Planning

Customized MACROs for Fat Loss/Weight Gain/Muscle Gain/Increase Athletic Performance.

Health Tips

Find tips and ideas to help stay on track to reach and maintain your goals.

It’s easy.

Choose your track, Strength or Cardio, and get moving.

Let Garage Grind dish up your daily workout. No muss, no fuss. Just login, get the daily workout and do your thing.

Garage Grind also supports you with nutrition, health tips, and progress tracking to help maximize your efforts.

What Garage Grind users are saying

  • As a busy Realtor who is also a wife and mom it is easy to let my own fitness falter while taking care of everyone else. But today I decided to give Garage Grind a try. It was awesome! Easy to do wherever you are and doesn't take much time. For anyone feeling overwhelmed by life or the everyday grind, I highly recommend you give this a try; I think you will be surprised at how easy it will be to fit this into your daily routine. Thank you Garage Grind!

    Katie T.

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We Program. You Perform.

Garage Grind is a subscription service that delivers a daily Strength or Cardio workout directly to you. We program your daily workouts, motivate you with a daily quote, provide you with meal plans, and give you the tools to chart your progress.

In addition to the daily workout, Garage Grind membership provides a discount on mealfit, so you can get super tasty meal plans delivered to your inbox every week to kick your fitness into overdrive.

And to keep track of your progress, Garage Grind allows you to track your workouts via SugarWOD.

Health Tips

Whether you’re a workout warrior or just trying to get off your couch, Garage Grind is for you.

We know you’re busy. Our program is for the everyday individual with a non-stop schedule. We are asking for a minimal amount of your time, and the workouts are designed to require minimal equipment.

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